Dive into the World of Sapphire Glass Watches in 2023

Sapphire glass is a substance that is nearly as durable as diamond. This material has long been employed in watches as the crystal covering the dials because it can resist any kind of scratch. Due to its great strength, it's not a material that's easy to work with. Cutting, moulding, and colouring the glass material can be challenging. Additionally, it is an expensive material to deal with.

Nowadays, most well-known brands not only use sapphire crystal just for watch crystals or rubies in movements, but they also make the entire case of the watch from this material. So, let's dive into the world of sapphire glass watches in 2023. 

Best Sapphire Glass Watches for 2023

Following are some of the best sapphire glass watches that can elevate your wrist game. 

1. CODE41 X41 Edition 6 Sapphire Glass

The accessible mechanical timepieces that Code41 produces, along with their brand values, have caused some uproar in the watch company. Code41 describes itself as a community project rather than a brand. Their goal is to provide mechanical timepieces made in Switzerland that are affordable for everyone.

This company has made the first sapphire glass wristwatch, which is found in the X41 series. In this timepiece, you will see an open-worked movement with an industrial design, a strange dial finish, and an appearance that screams fast dynamics.


  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Dial: Skeleton Dial with green, black, blue and grey shades
  • Water Resistance: 30-meters
  • Movement: CODE41 Calibre, automatic 
  • Power reserve: 45 Hours
  • Strap: Available in rubber, leather and titanium bracelet

2. Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire 

The Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire watch has a straightforward, all-clear design, but it has an open-worked dial that is far more complex. The visible rubber wristband coordinates with the sapphire case. Both the rubber strap and the dial are transparent, which allows you to see through them. 

Even though we are accustomed to Hublot's striking colour choices, this item is nonetheless unique compared to other types of watches. However, it is a fantastic option for individuals who adore Hublot yet prefer a more modest look. Hublot only made 500 pieces, which were sold in the blink of an eye. 


  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Dial: Skeleton Dial with crystal white shades
  • Water Resistance: 50-meters
  • Movement: Automatic 
  • Power reserve: 72 Hours
  • Strap: Available in rubber Strap

3. Zenith Defy Zero G Sapphire 

Sapphire crystal is one of the most unique materials that Zenith Defy uses to create this magnificent Zero G timepiece. They prominently incorporate cosmic and gravitational themes with a movement that appears to be floating around in outer space. A starry night sky and other interesting features are also displayed on the dial. 

Gravity is countered by the spherical element at the bottom of the dial, which has 139 parts. Grand feu enamel, aventurine glass, and meteorite are used in the dial's handiwork, which is mounted on a gold foundation. Only 10 pieces are made of this antique timepiece, and if you want to add this timepiece to your watch collection, you have to break the bank. 


Case Size: 46mm

Dial: Openworked with meteorite

Water Resistance: 30-meters

Movement: Automatic 

Power reserve: 50 Hours

Strap: Black from the back and blue from the front rubber straps

4. Chanel J12 X-Ray Red Edition

The Chanel J12 red edition is the first sapphire watch that is specially made for women. This sapphire watch is covered with red rubies and displays an eye-catching view for any occasion. Both the bracelet and the case have rubies, with 46 red rubies on the bezel and 34 on the buckle of the strap. 

The bezel is made of 18k gold, and the hour markers are also filled with clusters of red rubies. Most collectors and watch enthusiasts want to add this timepiece to their collection, but this Chanel retails for approximately $698,000, which is quite a hefty price tag for every collector. 


Case Size: 38mm

Dial: Clear Skeleton Dial with Red Rubies

Water Resistance: 30-meters

Movement: Manual  

Power reserve: 42 Hours

Strap: Clear crystal strap


Well, sapphire crystal watches are much more expensive than you think because these timepieces come in limited editions and are quickly sold to those who pre-book them. Don't worry! The best Swiss replica watches in the world are there for those who want something different and attractive from their usual wristwatches. With the help of this guide, I hope you can find the best sapphire glass watch so your wrist looks different from others.

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