Omega Speedmaster Reduced Vs. Omega Speedmaster Professional – Which is the Best?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get about the Speedmaster. As we all know, the first ever watch to travel to the moon is the Omega Speedmaster Professional. This watch brand is known for producing some of the finest timepieces, and one of them is the Omega Speedmaster. 

Omega has started to produce the Speedmaster collection over time to include a large variety of different chronograph watches. For about 20 years, from the late 1980s to around 2009, Omega produced the Omega Speedmaster Reduced, a scaled-down version of the original Speedmaster with an automatic movement.

Despite some main similarities between Reduced and Professional, all other features in them are different from each other. From their movements to their cases, the style of their dials, bezels, and their bracelets, all of these features are entirely unique. The more closely you compare them, the more obvious their differences appear. 

Now let's compare the Omega Speedmaster Reduced Vs. Omega Speedmaster Professional in terms of features and strength. 

Reduced Vs. Professional – Diameter 

Both the Reduced and Professional Omega have different size ranges. The Speedmaster Professional has a 42mm diameter, while the Speedy Reduced only has a 38.5mm diameter. 

Reduced Vs. Professional – Movement 

The movements of both timepieces are quite different. The Speedmaster Reduced Movement was an automatic ETA base calibre 2890-A2 that had a dial-side module to add chronograph capabilities. The Omega Speedmaster Professional, a renowned hand-wound calibre with an incorporated chronograph mechanism, was very different from this. 

With the Speedy Reduced, the sub-dials are fairly far from the centre, whereas, on the Professional watch, they are closer to the centre point. The Speedmaster Reduced also has the label "Automatic" on its dial, and at every hour marker, Arabic numerals are used to indicate the minutes.

Reduced Vs. Professional – Dial

These two Speedmasters not only differ in pusher and crown, but the style of the sub-dials also differs from each other. The Speedy Reduced is obviously an Omega Speedmaster at first glance, but it isn't until you put the two watches side by side that you can tell just how much they differ from each other. The differences are clear at this stage, and there are quite a few of them. 

Because of the smaller case size, it is much more obvious that the Speedy Reduced sub-dials are situated much closer to the dial's edges. This aesthetic improvement gives the Speedmaster the appearance that the movement is trying to break free of the casing. 

The existence of five-minute numbers on the classic Speedy Reduced model, which is entirely missing on the Professional, is another notable difference between the dials of these identical Omega timepieces. These extra digits, when combined with the smaller dial, give the Speedmaster Reduced's display a slightly cluttered appearance, but not in an unpleasant way.

Reduced Vs. Professional – The Bracelet 

The bracelet has a pressure-locking clasp and is quite identical to other Speedmaster timepieces in appearance and quality. On the Reduced, the lug width is only 18mm, and it should be taken into account that it is only 2mm smaller than the Moonwatch. It wears a touch larger because there isn't much drop from 18mm. 

Removing it is one method to make the wristbands appear bigger. Instead, you can also choose a vintage-style leather strap in brown or tan. For a Speedmaster watch, you’ll find lots of eye-catching straps. To find the ideal combination, try out a few different combinations. To give it a slightly more solid appearance, I'd suggest a thicker leather strap.

Ending Thoughts

Omega is a vintage timepiece brand that has produced quality watches for decades. For that reason, I have compared both of these Omega Super Hit wristwatches because most people are confused and didn't find any difference between the Speedmaster Reducer Vs. Speedmaster Professional. Although these watches are available at a reasonable price. If you want more options in an affordable price range, you can go with replica Rolex watches

The Professional Omega may feel uncomfortable for many people whose wrists are shorter than 7 inches. A small size change in the Reduced Omega can give you more satisfaction, and you can also save your hard-earned money.  

I hope this guide helps you understand the difference between these two Omega Speedmasters. 

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